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This is a photo of a newly constructed guitar wall mount.


A handyman is very helpful to a homeowner.  I can be hired to do many of the smaller carpentry projects like replacing a door, building a bookshelf or restoring a weathered window sill.   My knowledge and ability to work on many different projects in a day is very beneficial to my clients.

Here are some pictures showing the construction of oak boards used to hang vintage guitars.  It is a lot of fun to design, plan and build things that cannot be purchased in a store.


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Photo of vintage guitar mount oak boards being finished.
This is a photo of Dean installing new flooring in a master bedroom.


Cleaning is a must when working on projects.  Whether you’re cleaning walls to remove grease and dust before painting or post cleanup to make things sparkle and shine.  I normally start with cleaning windows inside and out.  I then remove all drawers from furniture, vacuum and use a bucket of cleaning solution and a soft rag to clean.  Next, I clean and sanitize bathrooms, mop floors, wipe down all appliances, fixtures and countertops.

I then vacuum carpets, wipe down base boards, clean grime off heat vents, and save the hardwood floors to clean and polish for last.

Some projects require vigorous cleaning to remove years of smoke from ceiling and walls shown below.

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Photo of room prior to cleaning.
This is a photo of a bathroom ceiling cleaning.
Photo of a finished bathroom repainting project.


Painting a room can transform the look and feel of a home.  By using warm colors, it can make a larger room feel warm, comfortable and cozy.  Whereas cool colors can be used to make a smaller room appear larger and more open.  I enjoy working with my clients to repair problem areas and achieve a look that makes them smile.

Here are a couple pictures of repairs, taping, texturing and using a balance of warm and cool colors in a small bathroom.


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Photo of bathroom prior to paining and finishing.